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Power energy and CO2 emissions impact


In a recent study for a CEE energy distribution company, I demonstrated the link between weather changes and impacts in the form of increased maintenance costs for power grids. This is a phenomenon that can be demonstrated by examining data through machine learning tools. It is similar to the need to reduce Reactive power, which burdens every power grid and also burdens the environment by producing unnecessary power, which is used inefficiently for its consumption.

I am compiling comprehensive global analyzes of the impact of CO2 emissions, which need much more attention in connection with the IPCC panel than has been the case so far.

Economy Efficiency in Energy Distribution


Economic efficiency in electricity distribution is one of the fundamental foundations of data-driven development. The use of existing data and a definition of an extensive collection of new useful data sources in conjunction with publicly available metadata is a way to monetize these data internally. From increasing the automation of processes, through the interpretation of anomalies associated with the operation of the distribution grid to the discovery of dependencies on external influences, which no one has taken into account so far.

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How to decrease CO2 Emission by Tuning of  Reactive Power in Energy Distribution Grid

The global interest in CO2 emissions reduction is focused on low-efficiency solutions, such as decreasing car speed on motorways. A much more efficient and globally applicable solution is to reduce excess Reactive power in the distribution grid and to increase the efficiency of electric devices. We have created a concept of a study that can be used anywhere.

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Telco - Mass [Fix] Market Strategies Creation

I made a complex Mass [Fix] Market Strategy for the biggest CEE WHolesale Telco operator. Based on: Be a Partner of the First choice at the Leads/Customers side. This is the common unanswered question of every management in Telco. There are opportunities for challenging the present Telco habit - how to catch and sustain the customer as Profit Generator Unit. It is time to change the current old-fashioned Telco attitude to a new kind of perception, processes, systems thinking, and of course people attitude. Based on Behavioral economy principles, data understanding, and market expectations.

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Telco - Mass [Fix] Market Operation Efficiency

The “Trust-based” attitude covers the most common meanings of trust that you encounter in everyday operation interactions. Our goal is to find and uncover inefficient operations (processes, systems, relations, peoples attitudes) and propose a new scheme aiming for better operation efficiency, based on deep-dive data/process analysis, with strong help from professionals, machine learning, and AI. This is the base of our future concept to help our customers improve the Trust environment for all types of Mass-market operations, pushing it to higher levels by revolutionizing our thinking. We trust our Strengths, which is why you can challenge us by Success share/fee.  

Telco - Triple play Optimization
(Sales, Engineering & Workforce)


The major problem of this area is based on lack of efficiency & knowledge of providers, or suppliers of client satisfaction, from the sales process, through installation to support of the customer. 

There is a time to shake current Workforce/Delivery operation by different channels, Uberizing available shared economy sources.

That we can do it better for you, be different is not sufficient.

Sales and Care - Omnichannel operation

Omnichannel is the ability to interact with potential customers on various platforms by various methods. Today's common approach is based on Warm hands (by people to people) or by Digital self-service (portals, smart apps, ...). One of the major mistakes of insurers, telcos is hard isolation between the channels. The result of this practice is the multiplication of product/systems and management for all parts of the channel network. Wrong idea. We have our own way of doing it better

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Consultative Sales - Telco, Insurance, Utility

The age of the standard sales approach is over. In the past the product and its price were the major factors of the deal, now the situation has changed. The most important thing is trust. 

In consultative selling, you position yourself as a consultant, an expert, an advisor, a helper, and a teacher in the sales situation. Above all, you are a problem solver. You ask good questions and listen attentively to the answers. They say, “He/she really understands my situation” and “He/she is my reliable problem solver”. This must be your aim as well.

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