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The number of Synology NASes that are freely available from the Internet is growing. The number of attacks and invalidated, encrypted data as a result of inappropriate settings is also increasing. We help keep your data safe.

Our long-term research records more than 3 millions such NASes.


You likely belong to this group as well. We have more than ten years of experience operating these NASes in a business environment. You may find out about options you haven't discovered yet.


We do all the service and settings remotely and officialy.


A little test to start with. This link will show you what anyone on the Internet can get a first touch with your NAS:



"IP" is your public IP address from the location where you operate the NAS

"PORT" is tour NAS DSM port defined in DSM/Control panel/External access/Advanced


There is also an advanced test available:

check your IP address directly at Shodan search engine:

in Search section, enter your public IP address


You can get a similar reports about your weaknesses:


When you are one of the >3 million Synology NAS owners who have publicly exposed ports other than just 443, or even you found out the details of the NAS through the first test, or even you don't use advanced security procedures - so feel free to contact us. We will help you! We will teach you to use your data securely. If you don't have time for that, we'll take care of it.

It doesn't matter if you use the NAS in your company or at home.

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